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The Table Top Gaming Society
« on: May 05, 2019, 10:41:48 AM »
The Table Top Gaming Society is an Historical Miniatures Wargaming Club made up of enthusiasts who enjoy playing games with miniature soldiers that represent historical battles. We are the largest Historical Miniature Wargaming Club in Arizona and we are located in Mesa, Arizona USA.
For more information you may visit the club's website at:

The Miniature Wargaming hobby is best described as four hobbies in one.
     1st:   COLLECTING miniature gaming figures in a variety of scales and designs.
     2nd:  PAINTING the miniature figurines according to their historical uniforms or, in the cases of fantasy and
              sci-fi,to the owner's idea of how the figures should look.
     3rd:  MODELMAKING and Diorama design. Games are played on terrain that can look very realistic. Many
             gamers have developed their modelling abilities so much so that their displays resemble realistic settings
             similar to those seen in model railroad layouts.
     4th:  PLAYING elaborate strategy battle games with the miniatures as the main playing pieces.

The club generally meets twice a month. Typically on Saturdays between Noon - 5:00 PM.
Visitors are always welcome to attend our club meetings.

You can check here for information on upcoming games and other events:

This forum is where the club members, and other interested folks can discuss various gaming and/or historical subjects, buy and sell wargaming related items, and generally engage in conversations about our hobby.

If you find such subjects objectionable and are working yourself into an ideological anti-war snit, then this is not a site for you.
Just click away to somewhere else and save yourself the aggravation.
After all, we're really just a bunch of grown men playing with toy soldiers.
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