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Who are we ?
The Table-Top Gaming Society (TTGS) is a club of enthusiasts who enjoy table-top Miniature wargaming.
We are located in Mesa, Arizona, USA and we are Arizona's largest active Historical Miniatures Wargaming Club.
(Find our contact information in the left side column)

The Miniature Wargaming hobby is best described as four hobbies in one.

COLLECTING miniature gaming figures in a variety of scales and designs.

PAINTING the miniature figurines according to their historical uniforms or, in the cases of fantasy and sci-fi, to the owner's idea of how the figures should look.

MODEL-MAKING and Diorama design. Games are played on terrain that can look very realistic. Many gamers have developed their modelling abilities so much so that their displays resemble realistic settings similar to those seen in model railroad layouts.

PLAYING elaborate strategy battle games with the miniatures as the main playing pieces.

What do we play ?
We are primarily an historical miniatures wargaming club. However, strategy board games, and card games are also regularly played. All periods and scales are represented. Historicals, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi games, and gamers, are all welcome.Som pictures of our games are located in our (Photo Gallery).

Where are we ?
The Table-Top Gaming Society is in the East Valley of the metro Phoenix area. Our meetings are held in Mesa. Anyone who is willing to make the drive is welcome to attend our games as a guest and/or a potential member.

When do we meet ?
The club generally meets twice a month. Typically on Saturdays between Noon - 5:00 PM.
Recently we have begun meeting on Wednesdays also, between 10:0 AM and 3:00 PM. These games are irreverently called "Geezer Games", because the attendants are primarily members who are retired. However, anyone who is available is welcome to attend. A calendar of events is located on our (Discussion Group).
Also, individual club members commonly get together more often to play games in smaller groups.

How can YOU get involved ?
Visitors are always welcome to attend our club meetings. You should contact a member of the club for directions, time, etc. and to act as your "sponsor" for the night. If, after a few visits you decide that you would like to join, the membership responsibilities will be explained.

Sand Wars 2024
May 18-19, 2024
(Same Con, New Venue)
Mesa Community College
Flyer ------- Nearby Lodging

Desert Wars 2022
Sand Wars 2023
(Same Con, New Name)
VulCon 2012
RinCon 2013
Convention Photo Gallery